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Originally appeared in World Oil® JULY 2016 issue, pgs 77-80. Posted with permission.
The sixth-generation Ocean Blackhawk drillship. Image: Diamond Offshore

The sixth-generation Ocean Blackhawk drillship. Image: Diamond Offshore

On April 27, 2016, Landing String Solutions successfully completed running the industry’s first and only landing string buoyancy weight reduction system. The system was run for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation on the Diamond Ocean Blackhawk, a 6th generation drillship. Almost 19,800′ of 14″ heavy-walled casing was run and landed, in almost 5,900′ of water in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in an estimated $42 million in savings due to not needing to run additional liner tiebacks.
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Landing String Solutions can provide the means you need to drill deeper wells in deeper water from existing rigs. Our patented buoyancy modules employ Archimedes’s Buoyancy Principle to offset the weight of the landing string and decrease hook load.


  • Reduce the weight of your landing string by up to 80%
  • 4 different density levels that can withstand pressures over 6000 psi

Innovative Design

  • Modules are placed on drill pipe tube, covering all but what is necessary for pipe make up and handling
  • Clamp-on/clamp-off design allows landing string to be made up with minimal additional rig time
  • Cone Clamp System prevents modules from slipping on the drill pipe
  • Constructed of non-metallic material

Enhanced Safety

  • Reduce overall hook load
  • Reduce or eliminate risk of slip crushing
  • Allow Pre Generation 5 rigs to safely drill deeper wells in ultra deepwater environments
  • May reduce string weight to land out while on motion compensator


  • Long casing strings on deepwater floating rigs
  • Long drilling liners
  • Long tiebacks
  • Heavy and delicate completions strings
  • Single long casing vs liner/tieback


  • Chevron, USA
  • Anadarko

Weight Reduction Technology in Deepwater Drilling Landing-Strings-Solutions-SPE-Paper_400

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