Machinist III

Machinist III

  • Full Time
  • Gray, LA
  • This position has been filled

Veracity Machine


Machinist III works under general supervision and requires considerable knowledge of machine shop tool and equipment operation and blueprint reading in order to fabricate, repair, cut, bore, groove, or thread parts.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1.  Follow written procedure.
  2. Will have the knowledge of the proper procedure to power on and off equipment.
  3. Operates various hand and machine shop tools and equipment (ex. Lathe, mill, saw, drill, grinders, etc.) in order to fabricate, modify, repair, cute bore, thread, polish, or build a variety of parts.
  4. Maintains work area, tools, gages, and equipment used to complete tasks assigned.
  5. Has ability to read and understand simple blueprints and most inspection gages.
  6. Can set proper gages to complete task.
  7. Has an extensive understanding of equipment controls and functions.
  8. Load and unload tooling from equipment.
  9. Change cutting inserts when necessary.
  10. Any tolerances indicated on drawing are to consistently be accurate.
  11. Must be able to set up equipment from start to first article completion with little to no help.
  12. Has a thorough knowledge of programing (read, make changes, and write complex programs).
  13. Fix issues that surface (chatter, tool, wear, warping, speed, etc.).
  14. Employee will be asked to run and program different or multiple machines.
  15. Can determine best machine practices and processes to complete given assignment.
  16. Designs and constructs jigs and special tools to facilitate the machining process.
  17. Can machine exotic metals.
  18. Shows leadership qualities and meets expectations without being told.
  19. Personality, knowledge, and experience to help in the training of lower level machinists required.
  20. Other duties may be assigned.

Knowledge and Skill: 

  1. Skilled knowledge and understanding of machine shop procedures and equipment operation.
  2. Has basic math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages).
  3. Ability to carry out instructions in written, oral, or picture form: read simple sentences.


For and individual to enter a level II class, 24 months of like training in machine shop procedures and equipment as well as an above average appraisal must be completed.

Physical Requirements: 

  1. Ability to lift between 10 and 100 pounds repeatedly.
  2. Move limbs/fingers to perform manual functions repeatedly.
  3. Stand, bend continuously.