ExPert Riser Solutions

ExPert Riser Solutions offers a unique location, high-quality service, unmatched expertise and tremendous value for your marine riser needs. Being positioned in Port Fourchon, The Gateway to the Gulf, provides added logistical efficiencies by eliminating trucking expenses and potential transportation damage. The ExPert Riser Solutions facility is a very impressive site situated on 53 acres with direct crane access to 700′ of waterfront property on Slip B. With two dedicated 75-ton pedestal cranes, ExPert Riser Solutions takes possession of your riser from start to finish. Dedicated buildings are utilized for each phase of the inspection and repair process. From material cleaning to disassembly through inspection and repair, the ExPert team has your needs covered. Qualified technicians document and track each and every movement of your materials. The staff at ExPert Riser Solutions is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest inspection and repair services available in the industry by utilizing procedures guided by API, DNV, ABS, ASME, AWS, and OEM specifications. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, you can be assured your quality needs will be met.

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The Riser ExPerts


  • Utilize approved API and OEM Procedures to guide the removal process
  • Tag each component with unique identifier for Quality Control
  • Trained professional technicians provide high quality, repeatable results

Welding & Fabrication

  • Certified Welders – ASME section 9, DNV, ABS certification criteria
  • State of the art post weld heat treatment facility
  • Ability to weld on materials such as 316L, 2207 Super Duplex, X80, F22, etc.
  • Inconel Inlay to modify the box ends of service lines

Coating Systems

  • Utilize environmentally friendly materials
  • TSA (Thermally Sprayed Aluminum) capability
  • Technicians are trained to recognized industry standards – AWS 2.18, C2.21, C2.23, etc.

Inspection Services

  • Certified Level 2 inspectors in accordance with SNT-TC-1A
  • State of the art equipment
  • Magnetic particle and dye penetrant testing
  • Follow established procedures from API, ASME, and AWS standards

Buoyancy Repair

  • Inspection and repair of syntactic foam
  • Trained technicians follow OEM repair specifications
  • Ability to test the uplift capacity of your riser system

Handling & Storage

  • Direct boat access to 53 acre Riser facility
  • Two 75-Ton pedestal cranes for safe handling
  • Safely transport each joint of riser to secure area

Riser & Component Traceability

  • Provide client with electronic and paper copy of all inspections and repairs

Between Well Riser Maintenance Services (Download Flyer below)


  • Drilling Risers and Telescopic Joints
  •   Running operations make ready. BHGE Vetco HMF & MR 6H SE
  •   Cameron Load King NOV FT-H
  •   Clip Riser


API Q1 Certification License #1332

Marine Logistics Services and Accommodations
ExPert also offers marine logistics services and on-site accommodations for housing of personnel on a long-term or short-term basis.



API Spec Q1®

API Spec Q1® and API-6A

API Spec Q1®

Certificates available upon request.




Precision lathes and mills allow ExPert Riser Solutions to machine a variety of materials to meet your requirements. Our well trained and experienced staff is up to the challenge of machining a wide variety of components and materials.



Specialize in two types of welding at ExPert Riser Solutions. ASME welding with DNV/ABS approved procedures to inlay 625 Inconel on 75KSI and 80KSI yield 4130 steel by means of semi-automated GTAW weld processes. Stellite 6 Overlay for high wear areas and/or corrosion resistance (i.e., Pins, Pin Stabs). We offer Colmonoy 5 Overlay as well.


Xylan/Phosphate Coatings

We have high quality vendors to perform Xylan and phosphate coatings so your parts are 100% complete when you receive them.


NDE Inspections

Every part manufactured at ExPert Riser Solutions goes through 100% final dimensional inspection. We have qualified personnel and procedures to perform Mag Particle, Dye penetrant, Brinell Hardness and Visual inspections as required to meet industry and customer specifications.



  • [Qty 1] HAAS SL N40L Lathe (26” cut diameter, 84” cut length, 7.1” through hole spindle, 9- 5/8” Prog. Omni rest, 20” 4 jaw independent chuck, 55hp)
  • [Qty 2] ST40L HAAS CNC Lathe (26” cut diameter, 84” cut length, 6.5” through hole spindle, 12.5” Omni rest, 21” 3 jaw chuck, 55hp)
  • [Qty 2] ST40L HAAS CNC Lathe with Live Tooling Center (26” cut diameter, 84” cut length, 6.5” through hole spindle, 12.5” Omni rest, 21” 3 jaw chuck, 12.5 HP Milling capability, 55hp)
  • [Qty 1] HAAS ST 30 Lathe (21” cut diameter, 26” cut length, 31.75” swing diameter, 30hp)
  • [Qty 1] Puma 300L Lathe (17” cut diameter, 60” cut length, 6-5/8” Prog. Omni rest, 30hp)
  • [Qty 1] VF-8 HAAS MILL (4 Axis Milling station, 7.5” through hole, 16” 3 jaw chuck with 8-5/8” bore, Renishaw wireless probing, CAT50 spindle, 30hp)
  • [Qty 1] Fadal 3016 40 Taper Vertical Mill (X Axis 30”, Y Axis 16”, Z Axis 16”, 15hp, CAT40 spindle)
  • [Qty 1] Summit Engine Lathe- Manual Lathe (19” swing x 48” between centers x 4” through hole)
  • [Qty 1] Programmable Auto Feed Band Saw (12” cut diameter)
  • [Qty 2] Dapra Dot Pen Stencil (programmable with serialization and logo)
  • [Qty 1] HAAS ST40 CNC Lathe (26” cut diameter, 44” cut length, 6.5” through hole spindle, 12.5” Omni rest, 21” 3 jaw chuck, 55hp)
  • [Qty 2] ARC 5 Semi-Automated Welding Machines (Hot wire pulse, 625 Inconel, 36” turn table)
  • [Qty 2] Jetline GTAW manipulator Welding Machines with Miller Maxstar Welders (Cold wire, 625 Inconel, 24” turn table)
  • [Qty 1] 7000 Series Brinell Hardness Tester with B.O.S.S. scope
  • [Qty 1] Magne-Tech Magnetic Inspection Unit (8 ft. bed)
  • [Qty 1] Grieve Stress Relief Oven (1200 deg. max temp.)


ExPert Riser Solutions goal is to provide our customers with high-quality products. We accomplish this goal by listening to our customer’s needs and translating those needs into continuously improved products and services.