Our vision of excellence at ExPert E&P is a path of quality performance and technical perfection. We must navigate this path with a strategy that ensures the successful implementation of the most important core value of our company, HS&E. Our most valuable assets are our people and the environment. Without superior HS&E, there can be no real success. Failure is not an option for ExPert. We will accept nothing short of HS&E excellence and will strive to ensure continuous performance improvement regardless of our statistics.

ExPert E&P’s expectation of all employees is for everyone to make a personal commitment to be champions of HS&E. We recognize ourselves as experts in the field of operations and engineering. Our challenge will be to develop the same self- confidence and credibility in our company’s HS&E performance. Nothing we do supersedes HS&E. Substantial individual effort is expected and must be “the priority” in order to continuously improve what we think may be the perfect HS&E program.

We will work together as a team to build the framework of HS&E into every project. Our obligation is to identify safety issues with customers and to participate in their HSEMS and activities.

Anything can be accomplished with the right team and determination. Let’s keep our focus and concentrate on the most complex of challenges – Perfect HS&E.