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Major Operators Save $40 Million+ on Deepwater Exploration Wells


Landing String Solutions, LLC
Madisonville, LA:
Two Successful Implementations of Patented Landing String Buoyancy System Give New Options to Oil Companies

Groundbreaking but simple landing string buoyancy technology provides a new option for drillers and operators to enhance the rig’s hoisting capacity by up to 20%. This allows for longer casing runs, can eliminate tiebacks, results in larger wellbore designs, and enhances performance of rigs drilling in ultra-deepwater.

The technology is based on Archimedes’ principle and utilizes Trelleborg syntactic foam modules installed onto casing landing strings to produce upthrust. Custom designed non-metallic clamps are used to eliminate the concern for metal fasteners in the wellbore. The buoyancy system is assembled offline onshore, loaded in purpose-built baskets then shipped to the rig.


  • Up to 450,000 lbs. of weight reduction in the landing string depending on mud weight and water depth;
  • The lower hook load reduces and possibly eliminates slip crushing;
  • Provides additional safe working margin versus maximum allowable rig load limits;
  • Enhance drilling rig capability to simplify complex well designs;
  • Potential elimination of casing strings, liners and tiebacks allows for larger diameter completion design;
  • Can be deployed in open water;
  • $40 Million+ cost savings for fewer casing strings and/or tiebacks resulting in reduced rig days;
  • Global availability.

Six available run slots for 2019 and one standby run slot available in 2018. For more information please contact Chris von Eberstein via email at or telephone at 844-522-7900.

Landing String Solutions stands as an elite firm with ready solutions for today’s complex energy market. Its affiliated companies are ExPert E & P Consultants, LLC, ExPert Riser Solutions, LLC, ExPert Oil & Gas, LLC, and Veracity Machine, LLC.