Veracity Machine



API Spec Q1®

Certificates available upon request.

Veracity Machine, LLC is driven to provide precision machining and specialized welding to a diverse group of customers globally to include oil & gas, automotive, dredging, pump, valve, and agriculture industries.

Mission:  We (Veracity Machine, LLC) take pride to ensure complete and total customer satisfaction. We provide our customers with timely, well-priced, high-quality products. We accomplish this with a strong quality management system and qualified/trained personnel. We listen to our customer’s needs, transforming those needs to improve products and services.




Precision lathes and mills allow Veracity to machine a variety of materials to meet your requirements. Our well trained and experienced staff is up to the challenge of machining a wide variety of components and materials.



Specialize in two types of welding at Veracity Machine. ASME welding with DNV/ABS approved procedures to inlay 625 Inconel on 75KSI and 80KSI yield 4130 steel by means of semi-automated GTAW weld processes. Stellite 6 Overlay for high wear areas and/or corrosion resistance (i.e., Pins, Pin Stabs). We offer Colmonoy 5 Overlay as well.


Xylan/Phosphate Coatings

We have high quality vendors to perform Xylan and phosphate coatings so your parts are 100% complete when you receive them.


NDE Inspections

Every part manufactured at Veracity Machine goes through 100% final dimensional inspection. We have qualified personnel and procedures to perform Mag Particle, Dye penetrant, Brinell Hardness and Visual inspections as required to meet industry and customer specifications.



  • [Qty 1] HAAS SL N40L Lathe (26” cut diameter, 84” cut length, 7.1” through hole spindle, 9- 5/8” Prog. Omni rest, 20” 4 jaw independent chuck, 55hp)
  • [Qty 2] ST40L HAAS CNC Lathe (26” cut diameter, 84” cut length, 6.5” through hole spindle, 12.5” Omni rest, 21” 3 jaw chuck, 55hp)
  • [Qty 2] ST40L HAAS CNC Lathe with Live Tooling Center (26” cut diameter, 84” cut length, 6.5” through hole spindle, 12.5” Omni rest, 21” 3 jaw chuck, 12.5 HP Milling capability, 55hp)
  • [Qty 1] HAAS ST 30 Lathe (21” cut diameter, 26” cut length, 31.75” swing diameter, 30hp)
  • [Qty 1] Puma 300L Lathe (17” cut diameter, 60” cut length, 6-5/8” Prog. Omni rest, 30hp)
  • [Qty 1] VF-8 HAAS MILL (4 Axis Milling station, 7.5” through hole, 16” 3 jaw chuck with 8-5/8” bore, Renishaw wireless probing, CAT50 spindle, 30hp)
  • [Qty 1] Fadal 3016 40 Taper Vertical Mill (X Axis 30”, Y Axis 16”, Z Axis 16”, 15hp, CAT40 spindle)
  • [Qty 1] Summit Engine Lathe- Manual Lathe (19” swing x 48” between centers x 4” through hole)
  • [Qty 1] Programmable Auto Feed Band Saw (12” cut diameter)
  • [Qty 2] Dapra Dot Pen Stencil (programmable with serialization and logo)
  • [Qty 1] HAAS ST40 CNC Lathe (26” cut diameter, 44” cut length, 6.5” through hole spindle, 12.5” Omni rest, 21” 3 jaw chuck, 55hp)
  • [Qty 2] ARC 5 Semi-Automated Welding Machines (Hot wire pulse, 625 Inconel, 36” turn table)
  • [Qty 2] Jetline GTAW manipulator Welding Machines with Miller Maxstar Welders (Cold wire, 625 Inconel, 24” turn table)
  • [Qty 1] 7000 Series Brinell Hardness Tester with B.O.S.S. scope
  • [Qty 1] Magne-Tech Magnetic Inspection Unit (8 ft. bed)
  • [Qty 1] Grieve Stress Relief Oven (1200 deg. max temp.)



Veracity Machine, LLC’s goal is to provide our customers with high-quality products. We accomplish this goal by listening to our customer’s needs and translating those needs into continuously improved products and services.