• Full Time
  • Anywhere
  • This position has been filled


  • Answer all incoming phones and distribute messages
    • Phones are your FIRST priority at all times.
    • Always find out who is calling, what company they are calling from and the specific person they are asking for (Ask for first and last name of employee or tenant and what company they are with to ensure proper delivery of incoming calls).
    • Answer the phone by the 2nd ring. If the person does not answer by the 3rd ring, connect to their voice mail. IF it is an important call, find them in the office and let them know who is on the phone.
    • Learn how to work the phone like a switchboard by answering a call and if another line is ringing, place first call on hold to answer the second call.
    • ALWAYS answer the phone with this statement:

Good Morning or Good afternoon, ExPert E&P this is “(your name)”, how may I help you.

    • ALWAYS be polite and speak clearly.
    • It is VERY important to get the caller’s name and company they are with before transferring.
    • Become familiar with everyone’s extensions and what their titles are.
  • Phone Lists (Keep all current)
    • Business list, Family list and Wall Call list for all employees & consultants
  • Be able to give directions to our company from the Causeway, Baton Rouge, downtown Covington, etc.


  • Always keep clean & tidy (dust when needed and clean countertops daily)
  • Always put phone on counter top with sign next to it for guest to know what number to call when you are away from the desk
  • ALWAYS lock your computer when you are away from your desk, as what you are working on is ExPert’s information and not to be viewed by guest or tenants


  • Computer
  • Keep all files, emails and documents that are received and sent (business related) in folders on the Z Drive labeled “Receptionist” (as well as you can create folders in your Outlook email area). Make sure all folders are named appropriately



    • Always lock your computer when you are away from your desk, as what you are working on is ExPert’s information and not to be viewed by guest or tenants
  • Desk
  • Always keep your desk neat and tidy (as much as possible). Your desk is visible to everyone at all times and must stay neat and organized as much as possible
  • Anything confidential must be placed in your drawer before walking away.




  • Mail
    • Accept incoming mail and deliver to (Robin) in Accounting.
    • Do not open any mail.
    • Once Accounting distributes mail into all mail boxes, deliver to tenants (if door is closed) simply slide under their door).

Overnight shipments (Fed Ex, UPS, etc.)

    • Incoming – accept/sign for all packages and distribute to appropriate person
    • Outgoing – Ask urgency of delivery, create shipping labels, schedule pickups       (Deliver letters or packages to Fed Ex box when needed)
    • Keep daily log for both ExPert & tenants of company Fed Ex outgoing shipments with date, name, department and dollar amount. This will be submitted to Accounting at the end of every month
    • Reconcile log with AMEX statement of charges at end of month
  • Postage
    • Stamp all outgoing mail daily
    • Postage machine is to be kept with available funds at all times (Receipt is to go into (Brenda’s) mailbox)
    • Toner refills will need to be ordered and service calls on equipment as needed


  • Greet every visitor that comes into the office and offer refreshments if we have any
  • Let them know where the kitchen is and see if they would like coffee or water
  • Do not let anyone past your desk without notifying the employee in which they are here to see.       Have them wait in the lobby or kitchen until the employee is ready to see them (or if they are going to the kitchen to get something to drink they may wait in the kitchen)
  • Vendors come in weekly with food for upstairs kitchen (you will learn who they are in time, please get to know their names).


  • Business cards
    • Order cards for new employees/ reorders
    • Get current quote per quantity before ordering
    • Type up information on standard business card format
    • Get approval from Department Manager and employee for whom the order was placed
    • Send to printer for proof
  • Stationary/envelopes (logoed)
    • We print most of our own but occasionally some is ordered
    • Get current quote per quantity before ordering
    • Get approval from Office Manager (Charlie) before placing order


  • You are everyone’s Assistant in the office. You will be asked to do miscellaneous duties for all employees and tenants from time to time. You are to honor their request to the best of your ability. IF you do not understand what they are asking you to do, please be honest and ask for further direction because when they walk away…they assume you know what you are doing and that the task will be completed correctly.
  • As much as possible you need to stay at the Front Desk area and do what is needed of you there. However, there will be times when copies are needed or things to be done in the Copy Room. At which time you need to be in tune to the phone ringing while in there – ALWAYS carry the cordless phone with you as well as prop copy room door open.
  • With every new employee hired the Business List, Family List, and Wall Call list needs to be updated with that persons’ correct information. After additions are made to a Wall Call list please print and distribute to all via their mailbox. As with additions, if someone is to leave, you are to remove their information from all lists.
  • Also with all New Hires you will be responsible for filling out the authorization form from drug screen and faxing/emailing to Kwik Clinic.
  • Make a v-card for them and add to distribution list.


  • Resumes will be submitted to you, reformat them onto our company standard resume letterhead
  • Once resume is converted, get final approval from the Department Manager
  • Keep all current resumes on the Z Drive listed under the correct department (in Word format and in PDF)
  • When a Department Manager request you to send them someone’s resume, always email the PDF only
  • If you are revising an old resume that was on the Z drive, always remove the outdated resume by moving it to the folder called Older or Non-Working (within each department)

 WORKROOM/COPIERS: (all 3 locations)

  • Workrooms
    • Inventory items in each workroom every Friday and replenish when needed
    • All office inventory orders are to be approved by Office Manager (Charlie) before items are ordered.
    • Reorder inventory when needed as well as special request from departments
    • Restock inventory upon arrival and deliver special request
  • Copiers (all 3)
    • Schedule all repairs/maintenance per machine
    • Fill out monthly usage report per machine and return to Gulf Coast via fax-Be careful of scams for copy machine (especially one who calls for copy machine serial number-NEVER GIVE THIS OUT).
    • Keep all toner/paper on hand (never run out)

KITCHENS: (both)

  • Coffee – Made fresh daily every morning and throughout the day, clean pots out daily
  • Dishes – Wash any that are dirty and put away any clean ones in sink
  • Supplies – Replenish/stock daily or when needed
    • When items are needed, an inventory sheet of the specific items needs to be filled out as well as a check request. Then both approved by Office Manager (Charlie) and a Wal-Mart or Sam’s run will need to take place. The best day to do this is on Fridays, so make sure enough is purchased to carry the office through a few weeks.
  • Cleaning – Cleanout both refrigerators every Friday, wipe down the top and outside with Clorox wipes as well as the inside of the refrigerator
  • Around 11:30am – noon (most employees have left for lunch) put all perishable food in refrigerator, wipe down countertops and tables if needed, check coffee pots, make fresh coffee before you leave for lunch
  • Distributors – Community (coffee) sign upon deliveries and place receipt in (Brenda’s) mailbox
  • Interior Plants – Once the routine work is done, sign the work ticket and place in (Brenda’s) mailbox
  • Thank You cards
    • Guests/vendors occasionally bring in food and leave business cards on kitchen table, collect business cards and send thank you cards to those individuals/companies, quarterly for new vendors and bi yearly for repeat vendorsTENANTS:
    • Assist tenants with any needs
    • Phone calls, mail, acceptance of overnight packages, mailing of packages, copies, postage, conference room bookings as long as ExPert does not have it booked already
    • Keep daily/monthly records of any of the above listed that has fees involved in the invoice book
    • Submit records to Accounting to invoice the tenants monthly
    • Order name plates for outside of their offices (when needed)
    • Assist in any request they may have
    • Make copies but keep track of how many (color & B & W) – record totals in invoice book (write who it is for next to what was done for them)
    • Add to Wall Call list
    • Make v-card, save & send to Charlie
    • Add to tenant distribution list


  • Communicate any building needs, concerns or issues with Office Manager (Charlie)
  • Assist with any maintenance needs from light bulbs, maintenance of alarms, elevator, etc.
  • Routinely check both conference rooms for cleanliness (tables and chairs), clean tables and chairs when needed
  • Assist in any request that may be needed


  • Running any work related errands as needed
    • Bank, Post Office, Wal-Mart & Sam’s for kitchen/Office supplies, DMV, Home Depot, Office Depot, etc. may come up from time to time


  • Assist with any and all needs that can be done from the Receptionist area
    • Binders, copies, labels, etc.
  • Keep running list of any unfinished projects, quotes, orders, etc. that you have been delegated to handle
  • Keep delegator up to date with status, delivery, etc.


  • All bookings go through Receptionist for the conference rooms.


  • Business Casual Monday – Thursday
  • Jeans are allowed on Fridays ONLY
  • Open Toe Shoes are allowed



  • Outgoing – Find out urgency of delivery, create shipping labels, schedule pickups (Deliver letters or packages to Fed Ex box or Fed Ex location on Hwy 190 when needed)


  •  Upon arrival –
    • Lights – turn on all lights in lobby, room behind receptionist area, all bathrooms, upstairs hallway, kitchens and copy room next to you
    • Unlock doors – Lobby, downstairs copy room and back door
    • Kitchen – make coffee, check counters and tables for cleanliness, put away clean dishes, take out any fruit or breakfast items in the refrigerator and place on tables
  • Lunch time –
    • Before leaving for lunch put away any perishable items in the refrigerator, wipe down countertops and tables if needed, check coffee pots (handle accordingly) and make fresh coffee (write time on sign above coffee pots)
    • Put phone on countertop and lock your computer
    • Hand off cordless phone to replacement
  • Afternoon –
    • Around 4pm turn off coffee pots, clean them and turn off all burners
    • Check both kitchens for cleanliness (wash dishes if needed, wipe down all countertops and tables, put away any food that may still be out, restock all/any items if needed)
    • Check conference rooms for cleanliness
    • Around 4:25pm lock all doors and turn off all lights (same as morning routine)
    • 4:30pm put phones on night service and place cordless phone on charger

Friday Routine:

  • Clean out both refrigerators, wipe down the top and outside with Clorox wipes as well as the inside of them
  • Feed fish all left-over food from the week (except fruit and vegetables)
  • Check all copy rooms for inventory needs – place order if needed
  • Check conference room for cleanliness
  • Lock all hallway doors upstairs after 4:30pm
  • Regular daily schedule
  • Go to Wal-Mart or Sam’s if needed